Get London Underground arrivals in your home or office

Get London Undergound arrivals in your home or office

Install the London Underground Arrivals app on your LaMetric Time to get the arrivals at your local station

What is LaMetric Time?

LaMetric Time is a smart display and speaker. It supports apps for the time, weather, events and more using Wifi, to show what you want in your smart home or office on a dedicated screen. It also also an integrated Bluetooth speaker and a funky pixellated display, with a dedicated Appstore which has a wide range of apps for you to add your own indications and notifications to the screen.

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Installing the London Underground Times app

  1. Open the LaMetric Time app on your phone
  2. Click the [+] icon to open LaMetric's Appstore
  3. Search for London Underground Arrival Times
  4. Click ADD

Set the station

  1. In the LaMetric Time app, touch the icon for London Underground Arrival Times
  2. Touch the Station label and choose from the list
  3. If you want, play with the other options to customise the display